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How to Groom a Donkey

| Updated September 26, 2017

How to Groom a Donkey. Though most people don't bother with grooming a donkey, the process is much like grooming a horse. Grooming a donkey not only allows you to clean him but to check him over for any abnormalities or injuries. Learn how to properly groom a donkey by following these steps.

Tie your donkey safely to a fence or post so he remains in one place while being groomed.

Wash your donkey with equine shampoo and a rough sponge or bristled brush. Use a water hose to rinse him thoroughly. Use a sweat scraper to remove excess water after the bath. Be careful not to get soap or water in his eyes or ears when washing his face.

Brush your donkey with a medium bristled brush to remove any dust or dirt. Use a soft brush on his legs and face. Comb his tail and mane to remove any knots.

Pick out the donkey's hooves with a hoof pick. Brush any leftover dirt away from the hoof so you can get a good look at it. Donkeys should have their hooves trimmed by a farrier every 6 to 8 weeks.

Spray the donkey with a coat conditioner to make the coat shine. Apply fly spray to the donkey's body to keep flies away. Wipe fly spray on his face with a rag so it does not get into his eyes.


  • Don't use a water hose on the donkey if he is afraid of it. Just groom him without a bath until he gets used to the water. Many donkeys don't like water and will fight to get away from it.