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How to Get Rid of Fleas in a House With a Newborn Baby

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Flea killer for pets

  • Borax

  • Salt

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Pan of water

  • Light bulb

Fleas are small parasites that live off of the blood of mammals and birds. Besides being annoying, they also transmit germs and diseases. If there are fleas in your home, this is extremely worrisome to parents of newborn babies. Luckily, with some work, it is possible to get rid of fleas. Parents of newborn babies will want to avoid some of the harsher chemicals that are on the market.

Treat your pets. The most effective way to kill the fleas on your pets is to use a flea preventative such as Frontline or Advantage, which you can get from your vet or on-line.

Take an old container and fill it halfway with table salt and halfway with Borax laundry booster. Shake well. Sprinkle this on any carpet, flooring, or furniture that is infested. Leave the mixture in place for two days before vacuuming. You may want to cover your furniture with a sheets if you are going to be staying in the house.

Take a cake pan, put some water and a small amount of Dawn into the pan. Place the pan where the fleas are. Shine a light over the water. The light will attract the fleas to the water. Do this every night until the fleas stop jumping in.

Vacuum everything to get rid of the fleas. After you vacuum, be sure to dump the canister in the outside garbage. If you have a vacuum bag, put an active flea collar in your vacuum bag.

Arrange to have the newborn out of the house for a few hours. Spray any place that your pet sleeps with an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) spray.


  • Continue vacuuming everyday for two weeks to make sure that you totally eliminated the infestation.