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Homemade Flea & Tick Protection for Dogs & Cats

| Updated September 26, 2017

Most of the over-the-counter flea and tick medicines are effective and helpful, but many dogs and cats are allergic to the ingredients in these solutions. If this is the case for you, creating natural homemade remedies for getting rid of fleas and ticks can be a healthy, exceptional alternative to what you can buy at a store. Using several household items, you can create an effective flea spray or a great tick repellent for your pet.

Flea Spray

Brand-name flea treatments can be expensive, so why not try some homemade remedies before dishing out the big bucks? The first option involves mixing white vinegar with an equal quantity of water in a spray bottle. To use it on your pet, spray the mixture evenly over the coat and work it into the skin with your fingers. Be careful not to spray it into your pet's eyes. The smell of the vinegar is unpleasant and the water is deadly to the fleas, making this a solid solution for many pets.

The second option is to boil a pint of distilled water and pour it over lemons in a heat-safe bowl. Let the lemons soak overnight. Apply the solution with a cotton ball, dabbing lightly in various parts of your pet's coat between the shoulder blades, lower back, underside of the neck and belly. Do not soak your pet. The citric acid of the lemons brought out by the hot water will repel the fleas, according to Bright Hub.

Tick Repellent

Ticks can carry a number of diseases, but the worst of them is Lyme disease. Humans and pets alike can contract Lyme disease, but it can be extremely serious for pets. This tick remedy calls for two tablespoons of vegetable oil or nut oil and 10 to 25 drops of rose geranium oil, which can be purchased at a nutrition store or online. Combine in a jar and shake to mix. The mixture works for humans, dogs and cats. To apply, dab a little bit on your skin or clothing, being sure to avoid the eyes. This recipe makes about 2 tablespoons and can last up to six months unused, according to Care2.com.

Prevent Fleas and Ticks

The best cure is prevention. To prevent fleas from making their way into your home, frequently vacuum your carpets and shampoo them occasionally. Also, wash your towels and sheets, sanitize the fabric on couches and furniture, and mop your floors. A clean environment is not hospitable to fleas. Periodically check your pet for fleas and try to catch the problem early before the insects inhabit your home.

Ticks don't often inhabit houses, but it does happen. If you notice ticks in your house, spray your home with a flea and tick fogger, which can be found at pet stores and outdoor stores. Additionally, frequently wash your pet's bedding and frequently give your dog a bath.