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How to Get Rid of Cat Urine in a Sofa

By Julia Fuller | Updated September 26, 2017

Julia Fuller

Items you will need

  • Steam cleaner with furniture attachment

  • Pet Odor formula furniture cleaner

  • White vinegar

  • Odor eliminating and neutralizing spray

  • Paper towel or baby diaper

  • Syringe

Your precious cat has decided to urinate on the sofa instead of in the litter box and the smell of cat urine is permeating the entire living room. Right now, you are probably hoping that unexpected guest does not show up for a visit. Will you have to buy a new couch and find a new home for your cat or is there a way to get rid of cat urine in a sofa? Don't fear, here are some solutions.

Soak up the cat urine immediately if it is not already dry. Use paper towels or other absorbent material, such as a baby diaper. Do not rub the cat urine as that will help it to soak in. Be sure to blot it dry.

Remove the covers from the cushions if possible. Check the manufacturer's washing instructions and then run them through the washing machine using detergent and the odor-eliminating product. You may also want to add a cup of white vinegar. Repeat the washing if necessary to remove stains and odor.

Fill the reservoir of your steam cleaner with a pet odor formula to clean the sofa and a cup of your odor-eliminating product. Use the upholstery tool to clean the couch concentrating on the area where the cat urine is located.

Inject the odor-eliminating product down into the sofa under the location where the cat urine was located if you can still smell cat urine after cleaning. Failure to remove the smell may cause a repeat of the action by the cat. Fill a syringe with the odor-eliminating or neutralizing product and inject it into the fibers of the couch.

Open windows if possible and point a fan towards the sofa to help it dry. Propping the cushions up will also help to speed the drying process and reduce the chance of mildew forming.

Photo Credits

  • Julia Fuller


Julia Fuller began her professional writing career eight years ago covering special-needs adoption. She holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from Marywood College, is co-owner of GJF Rental Properties as well as a livestock and grain crop farm. She worked for the United States Postal Service and a national income tax service.