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Food for a Pregnant Hamster

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Like females of most species, pregnant hamsters can benefit by eating certain foods that supplement their typical intake. More generous amounts of protein and vegetables, for example, provide extra nutrients that can help ensure the health of their liters. Discard and replace uneaten food on a daily basis and provide a new supply of potable water several times a day.

Pellet food

The staple of any hamster's diet should be a high-quality pellet food that contains a well-balanced mix of a variety of food groups. Pregnant hamsters are no exception; they need the variety of seeds, beans, dried fruits and vegetables and vitamin-enhanced pellets contained in most store-bought pellet mixtures to remain healthy and active. They just need more of it. Pregnancy can increase an expectant hamster's appetite and nutritional needs, so provide an increased helping of this pellet food on a daily basis, keeping her food bowl at least half full each day.


Protein is a dietary staple that helps promote growth and pregnant hamsters in particular can benefit from an increased supply of protein-hearty foods, according to Hamsterific.com. Some recommended items include hard-boiled eggs, nuts, barley, peas and oats as some suitable sources of protein. It's especially important in the case of the eggs to remove any uneaten food regularly to prevent rotting. Provide mealworms in small quantities as another source of protein for the hamster.

Fruits and Vegetables

Although vegetables in abundance can result in gastrointestinal problems in hamsters, a pregnant hamster can gain additional nutrients from small amounts of specific items. Hamster Club recommends feeding veggies including broccoli, cucumber, cauliflower and endive in small portions. Likewise, a pregnant hamster can absorb extra vitamins through a variety of fresh fruits served in moderate amounts. Dwarf Hamster Corner lists acceptable fruits as apples, grapes bananas, strawberries and blueberries. It is important to rinse any fruits or vegetables well before serving to remove any potentially harmful pesticides from their surface.


Calcium is known to help preserve bone strength in both expectant mothers and their developing babies. Giving a pregnant hamster some milk or cheese can aid in the skeletal development of the babies and also in her lactation once they are born. SmallAnimalChannel.com recommends placing milk in a shallow dish for her to lap at.