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Diet of Black Fat Tail Scorpions

i Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

The fat tail scorpions -- black and yellow -- are among the most dangerous of the scorpion types. The fat tails are also among the larger scorpions, measuring about 4 inches. The venom is strong, and a bite requires swift medical treatment with an antidote. The black fat tail is a native of the hot, dry desert areas of northern Africa. Whether in captivity or the wild, this guy likes a varied diet.


This scorpion is a nocturnal hunter. Once he bites his prey, an enzyme in his venom turns his kill to liquid. This scorpion can't eat solid foods, so he sucks out the liquefied parts. Crickets are his favorite food in the wild, although he eats any insects that are available. In captivity he'll eat grasshoppers, cockroaches and mealworms as well as crickets.