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Colors of Turkey Feathers

i Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

Autumn brings the gobbling mating call of male turkeys warbling through forests and barnyards alike. Males huff and strut, puffing up their feathers and turning to every side to ensure their iridescent feathers catch the light. Arrayed with dramatic coloration that far exceeds just white or brown, you may be surprised at the many colors you'll find.

Wild Turkeys

While wild turkeys may appear brown from a distance, the males are banded with iridescent feathers that shine in colors of green, red, bronze, copper and gold. Some species of turkeys have color phases that include black, gray, reddish brown and even albino.

Domestic Turkeys

Domestic turkeys are available in a wide range of colors to bring interest to your barnyard. White turkeys are available in giant and midget varieties. Broad-breasted bronze and bourbon red turkeys have deep coloration that glows with copper, chestnut and russet colors. Black Spanish, blue slate and gray Narragansett turkeys provide additional shades touched with iridescent blues and greens.