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Whipworm Home Remedy

| Updated September 26, 2017

Intestinal parasites such as hookworm, tapeworm and whipworm are common in dogs. Worms can get introduced to your dog's intestines through the environment and require a positive fecal test for diagnosis. Your dog's veterinarian may suggest home remedies that can be introduced to the dog's diet in order to get rid of whipworm. Natural ingredients that are fed to dogs help kill and expel whipworm.

Home Remedies for Deworming

Garlic is an old and natural remedy for many health problems and is known for its medicinal properties. Garlic is fed to dogs for both expelling whipworm and boosting the immune system. It is also known as an anti-bacterial and can be combined with fennel for whipworm deworming. Fennel also has immune boosting properties.

Ground pumpkin seeds can be added to a dog's food in order to get rid of many parasites including tapeworms and whipworm. Add a tablespoon of ground pumpkin seeds daily for deworming, until a whipworm test is confirmed as negative.

Wormwood is a natural herb that acts as a digestive tonic. It can be safely fed to dogs as a home remedy for whipworm and other intestinal parasites.

Cloves are used in human cooking and consumption as an herb, and as a flavoring agent. Cloves have antiparasitic properties and are a good home remedy for deworming dogs.


Consult your dog's veterinarian before attempting to deworm at home. Not every dog is healthy enough for home remedies. Repeat fecal test may be required to confirm that a dog has been successfully rid of whipworm. Prevent parasites from affecting your dog by administering a monthly dose of preventive medication.