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What to Use on a Chihuahua's Dry Skin

| Updated September 26, 2017

Chihuahuas are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. Many pet lovers are attracted to their small size and big personalities. However, along with these qualities can come skin conditions. By feeding your chihuahua the right diet and taking care of its skin, you can prevent and solve issues with the epidermis.

The Right Diet for Chihuahuas

A good hair coat and healthy skin really starts with your chihuahua’s diet. Most have dry skin. This could be due to the fact that many aren’t eating the appropriate foods. Dry skin and other skin issues can also be caused by allergies to components in the diet, such as grains or the protein. Switch your dog to an organic diet that contains omega-3 fatty acids and is free of grains or has different grains than those that are in your chihuahua’s current dog food. In addition, look for a food that contains a different protein than the typical beef, chicken or lamb, such as fish or venison. You can also give your dog the supplements Nupro or Missing Link, which can help with dry skin. Royal Canin makes a food that is specially formulated for chihuahuas, that contains anchovy oil, which is good for the skin. In addition, look for foods that contain vitamins A, E and B3, as they can aid in skin health.

Topical Treatments

Using sprays and shampoos that contain oatmeal are not only very soothing to the dog, but can help to alleviate the dry skin. Relief Spray, shampoo and conditioner are effective in aiding a chihuahua’s dry skin. They contain collodial oatmeal, along with other ingredients to stop your chi’s scratching. You should only bathe your chihuahua once a month, unless it becomes extremely dirty. Bathing a chihuahua strips the skin of its essential oils. If you bathe your dog too much, the oils will not recover and the skin will be constantly dry.

Serious Skin Conditions

If the dry skin is caused by a serious condition, such as seborrhea, you will need to obtain a medicated shampoo from your veterinarian. If crustiness or sores accompany the dry skin, antibiotics or other medications may be necessary, as it could be mange, flea-allergy dermatitis or other skin issues. Your veterinarian will typically need to perform tests in order to accurately diagnose the cause of the skin issue. The correct course of treatment can then be prescribed to clear up the dry skin.