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Over-the-Counter Remedies for Itching in Dogs

| Updated September 26, 2017

Itchy skin is a common problem for dogs and is caused by a variety of things including allergies, fleas, ticks, poor nutrition or infection. Veterinarians may prescribe prescription medications or ointments for these types of problems but fortunately, there are also many home remedies that will soothe the skin and eliminate the itching. These products can all be purchased over the counter.

Calendula Extract

Calendula extract is a topical liquid that can be found at health stores. It has both antibacterial and soothing qualities. Simply apply a few drops to the inflamed or irritated area and massage into the skin, or spread through the fur with a brush.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil can also be found over the counter at health stores and has moisturizing qualities that can help to soothe dry, itchy skin. The oil should be applied directly to the irritated area and massaged into the skin. Vitamin E also comes in pills or capsules, which can be hidden in the dog's food.

Bath Ingredients

Cool bath water with added ingredients can provide relief for itching or burning skin. Some of these ingredients include Epsom salts, oatmeal, baking soda or apple cider vinegar. All of these items can be purchased over the counter. If using Epsom salts, follow the directions on the box for the correct amount to add to the bath water and also make sure your pet does not drink any of the water.


Dissolve a few aspirin tablets in rubbing alcohol and combine with a mixture of water and tea. Apply this mixture to the irritated or infected areas on your dog's skin with a cotton ball to relieve itching.

Other Oils

Fish oil can be added to your dog's diet to help boost its immune system and protect against itchy skin. Essential oils such as lavender, white thyme and tea tree oil can also be bought over the counter and are effective in treating itchy skin both in dogs and humans. Simply apply a few drops of the oil to the itchy area and massage into the skin.