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What Kinds of Foods Are Recommended to Feed Peacocks?

| Updated November 01, 2017

Peacocks will eat almost anything, though some foods are better for them than others. For instance, keep your trash covered, because peacocks will rummage through it in search of tasty scraps. In the wild, peacocks live on seeds, insects, berries and other nutritious items that can be readily found. In captivity, peacocks are generally fed a more controlled diet, but it consists of items similar to what is found in their natural habitat.


i World of insects image by Alexander Tarasov from Fotolia.com

One the favorite foods of peafowl is insects. Peacocks are not picky and will readily consume ants, flying insects, grubs or almost any other bug. Their diet also includes spiders, which are not insects but are often grouped in the same category. Similarly, peacocks will scratch the soil in search of worms and other small creatures that may be easily uncovered.

Amphibians and Reptiles

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Lizards and frogs are high in protein and will be gobbled up by most birds, including peacocks. Snails and slugs are a favorite meal as well, and they have led many people to believe that peacocks eat flowers. The truth is that they will tear apart flowers in search of snails and insects, and any flower parts that are ingested are eaten as a matter of course while trying to find the creatures that live along them.

Grain and Vegetables

i corn image by dragan veselinov from Fotolia.com

Corn, wheat and other grains are a common food source for peacocks. They will also eat beans and peas, and they may tear tomatoes, bell peppers or fruits apart to get to the seeds inside. Cantaloupe and watermelon, for instance, have large seeds that contain nutrients necessary to a peacock's diet. They will not usually eat the pulp of fruits and vegetables, even though it may appear they are doing so in their search for seeds.


i strawberry berry image by Pali A from Fotolia.com

Peacocks not only enjoy eating fresh berries, they also love the insects that congregate around small ripe fruits. Blackberries, raspberries and grapes are consumed whole, along with such wild variants as huckleberries, gall-berries and muscadines (wild grapes).

Pet Food

i Close up of dogfood and rewards. image by Saskia Massink from Fotolia.com

In captivity, peafowl are often fed a supplemental diet of pet food or livestock feed. In the case of livestock feed, they are merely eating concentrated grains, while pet foods such as dry cat food or dog food contain additional minerals and nutrients that may not be readily available through ordinary scavenging. These foods are not recommended as the only diet for peacocks, but they are generally used in conjunction with fresh or dried fruits, vegetables and grains.