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Which Rodents Eat Cabbage?

| Updated September 26, 2017

The rodent family includes all sorts of small, scurrying creatures that have incisors that are always growing. Some rodents prefer to nibble on vegetables and fruits found in the garden, including cabbage. Rats, mice, squirrels and guinea pigs are all included in this cabbage-loving group.


Rats are the ultimate scavenger rodent. Black rats tend to eat more grains, vegetables and fruits compared to the brown rat family members that prefer meat and other human-grade food. Rats eat green varieties of cabbage, but red and purple varieties are to be avoided. The darker cabbages destroy thiamin within their bodies, so rats avoid them.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs eat plant matter, including green or dark cabbage. Make sure the animal's diet consists of plenty of plant matter, and that its food pellets do not have excessive amounts of protein. Balance out the diet with a good fiber source. Not only is this important for the digestive tract, it is also important to have fibrous foods to grind down teeth that continuously grow.


Squirrels like to collect seeds and nuts. In their search for places to bury or hide food for safe-keeping, squirrels sometimes happen onto prime locations in gardens. Since squirrels are mostly herbivores, fruits and vegetables are a main part of their diet. Cabbage is part of this category.


Mice are a type of rodent that is omnivorous, meaning it eats meat and vegetables. Mice often eat grains, cheese, fatty foods and protein-rich foods. They also eat green cabbage if it is present.