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What Are Two Other Names for a Flying Lizard?

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Harry Potter fans will remember that Harry's arch enemy at school was Draco Malfoy. Perhaps author J.K. Rowling chose to name her character Draco because it is the name of a type of lizard. The genus Draco includes any lizard that has folds of skin on either side of the body enabling it to make gliding leaps that look like flying.

Flying Lizard Names

Since the flying lizard comes from the genus Draco volans, it is also known as a draco lizard. An alternative name is the common flying dragon. This native of southern India and Southeast Asia is a tropical rain forest dweller. The abundance of trees provide him with the means to use his flying skills. Typically, the flying lizard jumps from a tree and spreads his "wings" to glide to the ground. He doesn't use his flying technique to escape predators, it is more for getting around the forest. When he needs to make an escape, he simply climbs a tree.