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How Do I Tell If a Green Anole Lizard Is a Female or Male?

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The green anole is also known as the Carolina anole (Anolis carolinensis). These lizards are native to southeastern North America and the Caribbean, but are also kept as pets. It can be difficult to tell the sex of a green anole, but there are some physical variations that can help you discern whether your pet is male or female. If you have several anoles, behavioral changes during breeding season will be an indication as well: Males will fight with one another, females will not.

Female Characteristics

Females will tend to be smaller than their male counterparts, but without a second lizard of the opposite sex for comparison, this may not help you come to any conclusions. Many females have a line that runs the length of their spine and ends at the tail, but not all of them.

Male Characteristics

Male green anoles are actually separated into two classes within the species. Heavyweights are more aggressive and are the alpha of the species. Lightweights are smaller and less dominant. A pink dewlap under the neck is a very strong indication that your lizard is male; females rarely develop this trait.