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Do Carpenter Bees Have Stingers?

By Amy S. Jorgensen

Ablestock.com/AbleStock.com/Getty Images

Often mistaken for bumblebees, carpenter bees are a separate species approximately the same size as the bumblebee, but with less hair on their abdomen. Carpenter bees typically are found flying around wooden decks, overhangs, and similar structures. They can damage homes and decks by drilling into the wood to leave their eggs. These holes cause weaknesses in the structure. Although carpenter bees do have stingers, their biggest threat is to human dwellings not human health.

The Stinging Possibility

Male carpenter bees do not have the ability to sting, but females do. The good news is that females are not considered aggressive. They typically sting only if they are handled or if they feel their nest is threatened. Males can act more aggressively by approaching moving humans and hovering near them, but their behavior is merely posturing, since they cannot sting.

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