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Pet Sitter Slogans

| Updated November 01, 2017

Pet owners use a lot of criteria to pick the best pet sitter for their best friends. They look at location, rates and referrals from other animal lovers. But they also rely, at least subconsciously, on the pet sitter's slogan. Pet sitter slogans range from the cozy to the cutesy and the straightforward to the play on words. Some even rhyme. Pet sitter slogans may not be the stuff you find on bumper stickers, but they could be if done effectively enough.


The pet sitter slogan should serve to relay the message, quality, compassion and attitude of the pet sitting company without being corny or alluding to anything negative. Pet sitting slogans should also be fun and easy to remember. It's a tall order, but many effective ones are purring along from California to New York. Happy Tails Pet Services in Tucson, Arizona, sports the catchy "Where Pets Are Our Passion and Quality Care Is Our Mission." Florida's V.I. Pet Resort, which is a "Four Paw Resort," uses the fun slogan "The Ultimate Vacation Spot for Cool Cats and Hot Dogs." Florida's Pet Sitters and More capitalizes on its slogan by telling people it's not just a slogan but something the sitters feel passionate about: "Providing the Best Care for Your Best Friend."


The most common type of pet sitter slogan seems is straightforward. These no-frills slogans simply tell clients what they are going to get. Sleepover Rover, Inc., a boarding service spanning several cities, simply tells clients "Your Dog Is Our Houseguest." The Florida-based Paws and Claws Pet Sitting Service makes no bones about its slogan: "For Your Best Friend." New York's Pet Care Network, Inc., just wants folks to know it offers "Vacations in Loving Homes for Your Pet."


In addition to the straightforward pet sitter slogans, some have a little fun with rhymes and word play. Some also nail the point home by repeating the business name. The Oregon-based Pet Trackers slogan simply says "We Keep Track of Your Pets While You're Gone." Boise Pet Care, operating out of Idaho, promises "Loving Care When You're Not There." This catchy slogan would work well as a commercial jingle for its use of rhyme. New Mexico's Harmony Pets, LLC, promises "Happy, Healthy Pets ... One Tail at a Time." The New York company Pet-A-Holics uses the slogan "For Your Pet's Sake," which plays on "for Pete's sake," whether the company intended it or not.


Pet sitter slogans, or any slogan for that matter, should be short, sweet and able to fit easily on a business card. The slogan serves as the subheading for the company and should be highly visible in any type of advertising. Too many words will quickly clog up copy. Some of the longer pet sitter slogans may be heartwarming and captivating but much too wordy to be effective. Critters Choice, a pet sitting service that covers parts of New York, Michigan and Oregon, uses a gorgeous phrase as a slogan, but it may be too lengthy: "The Purity of One's Heart Can Be Measured in How They Regard Animals." Slogans should be around five words, certainly no more than 10. This company's slogan clocks in at a hefty 13. Shortening it to something like "Pure Hearts Love Animals" would be more effective.


Pet sitters looking to choose a slogan for their businesses should definitely steer clear of certain words and phrases. Anything that reminds potential clients of death, disease or pet negligence, even when not intended, should be avoided. Don't mention words like "flees," which could make folks think of fleas or ticks, "mange" and "barf." Poor slogan choice could include: "Your Pet Is Dying to Get Here," "We Watch Till We Drop," or "Where Pets Check in But Never Leave."