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How to Adopt Free Sugar Gliders

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access

  • Local/regional newspapers

  • Sugar glider supplies

Sugar gliders are undeniably an adorable addition to the pet world. They make a unique choice for any household. Attaining a sugar glider can be done through purchase or adoption. Here are some steps for adopting a sugar glider for free.

Adoption Resources

Search the Internet for rescue groups, breeders, animal control facilities, vet offices, and individuals adopting out sugar gliders. The is the best source for beginning a method of networking. Talk to as many people as you can. This will make adopting a sugar glider a much more successful process.

Read up on the classified ads in your local and/or regional newspaper. Many organizations and individuals post ads for pets for adoption, or can provide you with more detailed information and resources for your area.

Place a classified ad online and/or in the newspaper. This opens one more avenue of communication for locating sugar gliders for adoption.

Once you have made contact with an adopter, make sure you are prepared. This means being available for meeting the prospective pet, a home visit, and having the essentials for sugar glider ownership.

Make sure your own stipulations are met. This means if you want vet records or a personality test, you get it. Pet ownership is a big responsiblity.


  • Networking is your best method for adopting a pet for free. Consider volunteering for rescue groups and establish a positive reputation. This will make your search quicker and more successful.


  • Check the laws in your state for the ownership of sugar gliders. In some states, they are considered exotic and may be restricted.