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Names for African Greys

i Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

African greys often are considered the most intelligent species of parrot. Hailing from Africa, these beautiful birds have sophisticated gray feathers and striking maroon or red tails. While picking a name for your new pal can be exciting, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Color Inspired Names

Perhaps the most obvious source of inspiration for a suitable moniker is your African grey’s lovely feathers. Choosing a name like Dove, Heather or Silver all draw from different shades of gray. Look to items that are in fact gray for inspiration as well. Perhaps your feathered friend is a Charcoal, Stormy or Smokey. You also could name him for his red tail. Names like Cherry, Scarlett, Crimson or Strawberry would suit the red-tailed beauty.

Smarty Pants

African greys are known for their intelligence. Since they can develop huge vocabularies, your parrot might be a Chatterbox or Motormouth. Naming him after a famous scientist such as Einstein, Hawking or Darwin would be perfect. You also could go more literal and name him Brains. You could choose to be ironic, and choose a name like Bozo, Pinky or Dumbo.

One of a Kind

If you want your African grey to have a name as unique as he is, looking to fantasy tales provides a plethora of unique names. Names like Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf or Merlin are classic fantasy names. Names like Aphrodite, Dionysus, Zeus, Diana, Juno or Apollo are inspired by the Greek and Roman gods and provide your bird with a unique and regal name. Since he is native to Africa, you might consider names like Savannah, Nile or Sahara inspired by the continent.

Popular Names

Choosing one of the most popular names for African greys puts him in good company. Birdchannel.com compiled a list of the top 10 names for African greys. The top five are Harley, Smokey, Pepper, Ruby and Gracie. At No. 7 on the list is Alex, inspired by the bird studied by Irene Pepperberg who could identify at least 50 different objects by sight. Sunny is an extremely popular bird name, landing on the top 10 list for several species. Other popular names are Kiwi, Tweety, Lucky, Sammy and Rio.