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How to Train a Miniature Horse

| Updated September 26, 2017

How to Train a Miniature Horse. Miniature horses are smaller versions of full size horses. Most are under 34 inches tall. Miniature horses are sometimes trained for showing, jumping, or to be used as guide animals. Because of their size and gentle nature miniature horses are also often raised to be companion pets and are trained on basic social, interaction and good companion skills.

Understand that a miniature horse is a horse. If you do not have any knowledge in horse training, get some. Just as when you get your first dog you should buy dog training books, get yourself a couple of good horse training books and read them. "Downunder Horsemanship" by Clinton Anderson and "For The Good of The Horse" by Mary Wanless are both good books to start with.

Teach the basics. No matter what you would like to train your miniature horse in, you will first need to teach her the basics such as not to bite and to lead with a halter. Biting is best stopped by firmly grabbing and twisting the horses upper lip when she goes for your hand and firmly saying "No Bite." Lead and halter will take time and practice.

Find a professional horse trainer to work with you and teach you how to train your horse if you want to do advanced training so you can enter your miniature horse into shows or competitions.

Contact The Guide Horse Foundation if you have a miniature horse that you would like to train to be used as a guide or assistance horse for the sick, injured or disabled. They select horses to work with for training. If they can not help you they will be able to put you in touch with other area resources.

Stay consistent in your training efforts with your miniature horse. Never yell at the horse but be firm. A miniature horse can make a wonderful companion pet with the right training.