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How to Teach a Horse to Side Pass

| Updated September 26, 2017

How to Teach a Horse to Side Pass. Side passing with a horse is great exercise for the animal and is a form of horse calisthenics. To side pass a horse, you need to have great control over your horse's movements and need to know how to get the horse to move in certain ways.

Stand at the horse's shoulder. Put your hand on the side of the horse at the spot where you would normally rest the upper part of your calf while riding. Move the horse's nose slightly toward you and push into her side just a little. Notice how the horse moves her hind legs. Do the same thing on the other side of the horse.

Ask the horse to change the position of her front legs. Put your hand on the horse a little closer to her nose than you did for step one. Apply a slight amount of pressure on the horse's neck. Now have the horse move its front leg once again.

Have the horse change her entire body position to one right next to where she is standing. If you put a slight amount of your weight into the horse's girth and a little push on the rein, she will move to the spot right next to where she is standing. Try this from the opposing side, as well.

Mount the horse. Have her tilt her nose slightly toward you and ask her to turn one step toward you. Sit straight in the saddle. Praise her and repeat on the other side.

Ask the horse to turn her hindquarters. This is a bit more difficult for some horses. Slightly add weight to your hip bone and point her in the right direction. Use your right leg and have the horse to step once to her left.

Build up the steps gradually. Work up to doing a complete side pass. Eventually she will be able to turn completely around without difficulty.