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How to Stop Your Pug From Shedding It's Hair

| Updated September 26, 2017

Pugs are a great dogs. Their breed is kind, cute and ultra friendly. They live only to be your friend. Unfortunately, pugs shed a huge amount of hair. This article is about things you can do to minimize the amount of hair a pug sheds.

Your first step to stopping your pug from shedding should be to make sure you are not bathing them too often. A pug should get a bath about once a month. Anymore than that and you run the risk of drying out their skin which can lead to itching and hair loss. I would also speak to your veterinarian about using a conditioner on your pug,

Make sure you have your pug on the right kind of food. Bad nutrition can lead to your pug shedding an necessary amount of hair. Exactly what brand or kind of dog is subject to much debate. You should have a discussion with your vet about the type of food your pug should eat. The end result should be a pug with soft, full and slightly oily hair. A pugs hair should not feel overly dry and course.

Make sure you brush your pug on a daily basis. If possible take your pug outside to avoid getting hair in your house. This a great way to spend time with your pug and make them feel loved.

Finally, invest in a good vacuum with a pet hair attachment to clean up any hair your dog has shed in the house. With these steps you should keep your house relatively free of pug hair and be able to fully enjoy your pug!