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How to Reduce Shedding in a Yellow Lab Dog

| Updated September 26, 2017

It's normal for your yellow lab to shed and there are things you can do to limit the shedding. Brushing him often is one of the best ways to remove the hair he sheds. Giving him a quality diet and bathing him as often as your vet advises benefits his coat and reduces the risk of excessive shedding.

Yellow Lab Shedding Story

Your yellow lab has an outercoat and an insulating undercoat. Outdoor dogs shed seasonally, shedding undercoat hair in the spring and outercoat hair in the fall to prepare for their winter undercoat for warmth. Indoor dogs tend to shed continuously due to their exposure to heat and artificial light. The Labrador retriever's color doesn't affect the amount of shedding, although a yellow lab's hair will be more visible than a black or chocolate lab's on dark-colored clothing, rugs and furnishings.

The Zen of Brushing

Brushing your lab gives him quality time with you, enhances your bond, stimulates oils that keep his skin and naturally water-resistant coat looking and feeling their best, and removes loose hair. Brush him at least once a week and use a rake or blade designed for shedding dogs during his peak shedding. Daily brushing is even better, especially if you want to reduce the amount of shed yellow lab hair in your home. Use a medium bristle brush and brush in the direction of his coat, not against the grain. Keep your yellow lab well-groomed by using a rubber curry comb to remove dead hair and polish his coat. If your lab isn't used to brushing, start with a grooming glove. A grooming glove feels like petting and removes loose hair.

Prevent Excess Shedding

Quality nutrition helps keep your dog healthy and benefits his skin and coat. Although it's normal for your yellow lab to shed and there's nothing you can do to stop shedding, keeping him in optimum health prevents excessive shedding. Many medical problems, skin conditions and parasites can cause extensive shedding. Ask your veterinarian's advice on dog food. If your dog begins to shed much more than usual, his coat thins or he has a skin problem that persists more than a week, talk to your vet.

Dog Hair Self-defense

If you or household members prefer fur-free furnishing and clothes, your yellow lab's double coat and ongoing shedding process present a challenge. Along with following tips to reduce his shedding, try a few tricks to reduce shed hair in your environment. Switching to rugs and cushions that are close to your dog's color or a camouflaging print for his favorite areas makes his continuous supply of cast-off hair less noticeable between cleanings. Keep lint brushes and grooming gloves handy in your vehicles and each room for quick touch ups. The grooming glove's nubs remove pet hair from clothes and furniture. A vacuum brush attachment makes quick work of removing dog hair from upholstery and drapes.