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How to Remove Chipmunks

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Live trap

  • Rope

  • Peanut butter

  • Nuts

  • Cereal

Chipmunks look like cute, harmless animals, but they can actually do a lot of damage to your home's foundation, deck, and plant life. Therefore, you should remove chipmunks from your property before they they sink their teeth into it. They are not protected by Federal Law, but states such as Pennsylvania regulate when you can remove chipmunks from your property. A legal and nonlethal solution is to set live traps on your lawn. Live traps are available at your local hardware store.

Place the live trap in areas where you have seen chipmunks. The live trap should be securely placed on level ground.

Bait the live trap with peanut butter, nuts or cereal. Place the bait on the floor of the trap towards the back.

Tie the trap door to the base of the live trap with rope for two days. That gives the chipmunks time to get adjusted to the trap.

Untie the trap door after two days. The live trap door will be triggered when the chipmunks eat the bait.

Check the live trap four times a day. Call your local animal control center to remove chipmunks trapped in the live trap. Do not touch the chipmunks. They can carry diseases.

Release other live animals accidently trapped in the live trap. Place new bait in the trap and reset the trap door. Continue until all the chipmunks have been successfully removed.


  • Check your state and local laws before removing chipmunks.