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How to Keep Raccoons From Bird Feeders

| Updated September 26, 2017

How to Keep Raccoons From Bird Feeders. Although classified as a carnivore, raccoons eat pretty much anything they can find, including bird seed. Not only do raccoons empty the bird feeders at night, they are also a threat to your bird population because they steal eggs from nests to eat.

Put a smooth pipe around the pole of the bird feeder that is loose enough to move when the raccoon steps on it. The raccoon is unable to climb the smooth pipe and the movement under his feet might scare him away.

Use a squirrel baffle on your bird feeder poles. These also work to baffle raccoons.

Hang your bird feeders away from tree branches and structures that raccoons can use to get to the feeder.

Spray the bird feeder poles and the ground around the poles with raccoon and squirrel repellent. These are not harmful to the animal, but keeps him away from the area. Repellents are sold in most bird feeding stores.

Take your bird feeders down at night when raccoons are most active and store them in the garage, shed, or a secure container that the raccoon can not get into.

Use a live trap to trap and relocate the nuisance raccoon if you are allowed to do so by your local ordinances.


  • If you hold a valid hunting license, it is legal to kill a raccoon using a humane method.


  • It is illegal to use poisons without a permit. Poisons are harmful to the birds and other animals in the area.