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Home Remedy to Get Rid of Birds

| Updated October 25, 2017

Birds can be fun to watch as they spread their wings and fly. But some birds leave a mess behind that endangers health. Others cluster in large groups and harass people and animals. There are ways to chase off or get rid of birds that cause a problem on your property.


Birds don't like things flapping at them. If there is an area, like a garden, that draws birds, ring sections of the area with lightweight flags easily whipped by the wind. The flutter of the flags discourages birds from settling on the area protected. Buy flags or use strips of strong paper or cloth tied to branches or rods. You can also string a rope or wire and attach flags to it. Aluminum flags discourage some birds.


The presence of outside cats can discourage the birds, especially if they catch a couple of them. Most of the time, cats will do more chasing than catching and the threat of being caught discourages birds.


Discourage birds by keeping them from landing, at least landing comfortably. Deter birds by adding spiked wires to the edges of the roof or ledge. A layer of wire mesh may also discourage birds from landing. If birds can't perch safely, they will not stay.