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How to Keep a Mole As a Pet

| Updated November 01, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Glass terrarium at least 2 square feet

  • Dirt to fill 2/3 of terrarium

  • Water dish or gravity water supplier

  • Insects or correct breed-specific food


  • Do not attempt to handle moles; they are not domesticated animals.

Moles are common animals in North America, Europe, and many other places. Although there are a large variety of breeds, all moles have most of their basic traits in common. Moles are mammals and live in elaborate tunnel systems created with their excellent digging abilities. Known commonly as a garden pest, moles are not good pets and often die quickly in captivity. However, if you discover an injured mole or a mole that cannot be released into the wild, there are ways you can provide for it.

Provide your mole with a large habitat, giving him at least two square feet of space. Glass terrariums are a good choice if they include a screen lid that does not easily come off.

Pour dirt into the terrarium deep enough to provide your mole with digging space. Moles require very little above-ground territory, so fill the aquarium up about 2/3 of the way.

Give your mole water. A water dish is the best way to begin, but moles may adjust to gravity-dispensing water supplies intended for pet hamsters or rats.

Research your mole's species to find out what its diet consists of. Many moles survive off of worms, some prefer other insects. Moles must eat every hour to survive, so providing the correct food is important to keeping your mole alive.

Darken the room for your mole. Moles prefer dark, cool climates.

Call an exotic animals specialist, rescue or vet for advice on caring for your mole or healing any injuries it may have.