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How to Crochet a Sweater for a Dog

| Updated September 26, 2017

How to Crochet a Sweater for a Dog. Miniature and toy dog breeds have a hard time maintaining their body temperature on cold winter days. Since no sweater will fit two dogs exactly the same way, ensure a proper fit by making your dog a custom crochet sweater. Follow these steps if you want to keep your dog nice and toasty during the winter.

Measure your dog from just above his shoulders to the top of his tail. This will tell you how long his sweater needs to be.

Decide whether you are going to crochet a sweater that fits like a shirt or a blanket type sweater that just fastens around the neck and belly. Some dogs are more tolerant of wearing a blanket type sweater because it doesn't rub under their arms.

Find a simple dog sweater pattern. There are many different patterns available that you can easily adjust to fit your dog.

Choose a color of yarn to use. Find a color that looks nice with your dog's coloring. Bright, happy colors are always a good choice. It's best to use a natural fiber yarn such as wool or alpaca because it's gentle on your dog's skin.

Crochet the sweater for your dog. Take your time and follow the pattern you have chosen.

Put the new sweater on your dog and praise him like crazy. Give him time to adjust to the sweater. Once he realizes that you gave him the sweater to keep him warm, he will be more willing to wear it.


  • If you are making a shirt type sweater for a male dog, don't make the belly of the sweater so long that it covers his penis (he will pee on the sweater).