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How to Catch a Parakeet Live Outside

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Bird cage -- the bird's own if possible

  • Assorted bird treats

  • Garden Hose

  • Net

  • Large sheet or blanket

Catching an escaped parakeet can be a challenging task indeed. The job is made that much more difficult if the bird is the escaped pet of someone other than yourself. While it may be impossible to catch a parakeet once it makes it to the great outdoors, following a few simple steps can greatly improve your chances.

Set up the bird cage in the area you have spotted the parakeet. Place treats and a bowl of water inside the cage. Use a stick or sticks and a length of string to fix all the doors and openings open, to allow the parakeet to easily climb inside.

Set out a bowl of water some distance from the cage, along with a few more treats scattered near the cage. Treats inside the cage may be difficult for the parakeet to see from the air, so you want to encourage the bird to land and investigate what goodies may be in the vicinity.

Wait nearby with a garden hose and a nozzle that can be adjusted to midway between a gently mist and a pressure-washer style stream. Soaking a parakeet can make it exceedingly difficult for the bird to fly away and give you a chance to toss the blanket or towel over it, should it not be interested in climbing into the cage. Should the parakeet land and appear not to be interested in the cage, hose the bird down as quickly as possible. Make your first motion aiming and shooting the hose, do not attempt to get closer to the bird before spraying, as you will likely just frighten it away.

Pull on the string and allow the doors to close on the cage, once the parakeet is inside. You may also use the hose to discourage the bird from escaping through the doors, until you can secure them.


  • Catching a parakeet takes patience, it may take several days of setting out the cage and food, before you get a chance to catch your quarry.


  • Be careful when spraying the bird. Do not use a high pressure nozzle, as you can injure the parakeet.