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How to Care for Baby Chickadees

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Sytrofoam container

  • Wood shavings

  • Sawdust

  • Long-neck reading lamp

  • Lightbulb, 60-watt

  • Small saucers

  • Marbles

  • Sunflower seeds

  • Blender

  • Caterpillar

  • Plastic knife

Chickadees are tiny birds that like to feed in flocks. They live in woody or bushy habitats and are commonly found in North America. Chickadees hoard food, so they scavenge the area to find seeds and insects. Chickadees usually nest toward the end of the winter. Therefore, that is when you usually find baby chickadees. If home incubating, chickadees can be hatched throughout the year.

Place wood shavings or sawdust in the bottom of a styrofoam container.

Place a long-neck reading lamp with a 60-watt lightbulb over the top of the styrofoam container.

Leave the light on 18 hours a day to keep the baby chickadees warm since they are hatched without feathers.

Pour water into a small saucer. Fill the saucer with marbles 1/4 inch in height. The marbles prevent the baby chickadees from drowning.

Pour 1 cup of sunflower seeds and 1 cup of fruit into a blender. Blend the seeds and fruit using the “Blend” setting. Place the food in the beaks of the chickadees. Place the remaining food in a small saucer.

Kill the caterpillar using a plastic knife or fork and place it inside the saucer next to the other food. If the chickadees do not eat the caterpillar, chop the caterpillar in 1/4-inch pieces using a plastic knife.

Change the wood shavings after three days. Place food in the container three times a day. Baby chickadees need to be fed for approximately one month before they can find food and survive on their own.


  • Caterpillars are a favorite food for chickadees.