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How to Build Pens for Donkeys

| Updated September 26, 2017

How to Build Pens for Donkeys. If you want to own a donkey, you are going to need a pen to house the animal. Your pen should include a fence strong enough to contain the donkey and to keep out predators. You'll also want a barn or stall to protect the donkey from inclement weather. Learn how to build your donkey pen by following these steps.

Select an area to build the pen. Make sure the area is dry and doesn't flood or get too muddy. Grass is great for donkeys and can allow you to feed less grain or hay.

Buy fencing material for the entire pen. Using vinyl or wood is safer than barbed wire or electrical fencing. A woven wire fence, called horse fence, is also a safe fence for donkeys. This fence can keep dogs and other animals out while safely keeping the donkeys inside.

Put large, sturdy corner posts in the ground at least 3 feet deep, adding cement in the bottom of the hole. Put up the fence posts for the fence, spacing them between 6 and 10 feet apart. Allow them to set for a few days before adding the fence.

Stretch the fence out and nail it to the posts, starting at a corner post. Leave openings for gates to be installed. Having at least two gates in each pen can help in emergency situations.

Choose an area to build a shelter for the donkey. This should be the highest area in the pen so water doesn't flood inside the shelter. You may have to haul in a load of dirt to make sure the area stays high.

Build a three-sided shelter with a roof so the donkey can stay out of the rain and wind. This is also a great shade area for the summer. Put straw on the ground for bedding.