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How Much Land to Keep Goats?

| Updated September 26, 2017

Goats are low-maintenance animals that provide several benefits to owners. Milk from goats is rich and provides similar nutrients to that of human milk. Goats also keep grass short, preventing grass fires and brush from building up. If you want to own one or more goats, it is important to ensure you have enough space for each goat to live comfortably and without health risks.

Indoor Space

Goats require about a 10- to 15-square-foot area per goat if they spend only a small portion of their time indoors. If you have several goats, try to have an area where they can all sleep together. Several goats will sleep together in a 10- to 15-foot area or individual small pens if they have an area to move around in during the day. Only provide goats with a small sleeping area if they have a larger area to use during the day.


In addition to a sleeping area, goats also need a shaded area for sunny days, rainy days or for use during the winter. This area should be about 20 square feet per goat. The goats should be able to stand comfortably in the area without knocking another goat out of the sheltered area, especially if you live in an area with cold or snowy winters.


Grazing space is extremely important for goats if you plan to allow them to graze off of the land. Each goat requires an area about 30 to 50 square feet for grazing. Goats should also receive supplemental foods, such as hay and grain, if they cannot get enough fresh grass each day. Some goats may need additional diet supplements. Consult with a veterinarian to determine the precise diet to give to your goats.


Goats require about 30 square feet per goat for exercise. This keeps the goats healthy and prevents obesity. If you plan to expand the goat herd at some point, enclose an area large enough to house all of the goats that you eventually intend to purchase. In the winter, goats do not require as much exercise, but should still have an area to move around in larger than a small pen.