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How to Break Your Cat From Urinating on the Floor

| Updated September 26, 2017

Cats can urinate on the floor for many reasons, including an environment change, such as moving into a new home. In addition, bringing a new pet or a new baby into the house can also cause your cat to display its frustration by urinating on the floor. Recognizing the cause of why your cat is urinating outside its litter box will help you break your pet of its bad habit.

Recognize a medical reason behind why your cat is urinating on the floor. For example, does your cat urinate more frequently or tend to strain when urinating? Check the color of the urination for a brownish red color, which indicates an infection. Take the cat to your veterinarian so the doctor can determine if there is a medical reason.

Clean litter boxes. Cats prefer a clean area to urinate. Making sure the litter box stays clean will encouage the cat to use it more often. You can also consider purchasing more litter boxes or larger ones. Place the litter boxes in more convenient places your the cat to get to when it needs to go potty.

Remove the urination smell from the floor. Getting rid of the smell on the floor will decrease the frequency of urination. A cat prefers to urinate where it smells its own scent. You can use vinegar or a lemon scent to help get rid of the cat urine smell.

Show your cat extra attention. Give your cat an additional 15 to 30 minutes a day to help decrease the stressful feelings that may be causing your cat to urinate on the floor. Cats may feel left out if there has been a recent change in its surroundings, such as a new baby in the house.


  • If the cat is experiencing some pain when urinating, it will avoid the litter box because it is relating the box to the pain it is suffering.


  • Do not punish your cat for urinating on the floor. This can cause the problem to get worse.