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Homeopathic Remedies for Seizures in Dogs

| Updated September 26, 2017

Dogs with epilepsy commonly suffer seizures. While some dogs can be treated with simple medications prescribed by your veterinarian, in some dogs with a medication sensitivity, this can keep seizures at bay but cause side effects like vomiting or lethargy. If your dog suffers from seizures and an aversion to traditional medication, learn some of the homeopathic treatments you can try to keep seizures away without harsh side effects.


Passionflower is a popular herbal treatment for seizures in dogs. Passionflower is effective in soothing the nervous system, especially if it is overstimulated, as in epileptic dogs. You can usually find passionflower for dogs in capsule form at most regular or holistic pet stores.


Scuttelaria laterfolia, also known as skullcap, is another herbal remedy for canine seizures that works similarly to passionflower. A bonus is that skullcap can help lower high blood pressure in dogs, thus further preventing seizure occurrences, as high blood pressure can contribute to seizures. You can find this at most holistic pet stores.


Belladonna is another option you can try if you are looking to treat your dog’s seizures homeopathically. This herb not only can help prevent and treat seizures, but helps reduce any fever as well. A feverish dog can fall victim to a seizure if it is epileptic. Belladonna can help lower the fever and, therefore, the likelihood of a seizure.

Daily Exercise

Exercise is a homeopathic remedy you can try, along with an herbal medication, that will further help keep your dog’s seizures at bay. An hour of exercise daily can help dogs release stress and anxiety and prevent obesity, all contributors to seizures. Talk to your vet to see how much exercise your dog should be getting, as it can vary depending on age and breed, but generally an hour a day is a good measure.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet, along with an herbal remedy, can help decrease the incidence of seizures. Bad nutrition causes many issues in dogs, such as depleted nutrients, obesity and high blood pressure, all of which can contribute to seizures. Stick with high-quality organic food if you are commercially purchasing food, or talk to your vet about healthy homemade recipes you can make that incorporate all the nutrients your pooch needs.


Never try to diagnose or treat your dog initially on your own if you think it has epilepsy. Always have your veterinarian diagnose your pooch, and talk to the vet about treatment plans to ensure your dog is getting the best help and treatment possible.