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Dwarf Gourami Tank Mates

i Jochen Sands/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When you're thinking of setting up a community tank, you need to put together the right combination of fish to help foster a harmonious environment. Dwarf gouramis are generally peaceful fish with an average length of 2 inches -- although they can occasionally reach up to 3 1/2 inches -- so they shouldn't be kept with any large or aggressive fish.

More Dwarf Gouramis

Although they're not schooling fish, dwarf gouramis will generally get along with others of their own species. If you keep a number of males together, there's a possibility they'll become territorial. However, if you keep them in a large, well-planted aquarium, each will be able to stake out his own territory and will have no need to squabble. It's not advisable to keep them with other gourami species, as they tend to be much larger and may bully their smaller cousins.

Talking About Tetras

Any tetra species that shares the same water requirements will get along just fine with a dwarf gourami. Many species are brightly colored and very active, so they're an interesting addition to a home aquarium. As schooling fish, tetras must be kept in groups or they'll become unhappy. It's best to keep at least six of each tetra species you have in your tank. They prefer well-planted environments with moderate lighting.

Give Guppies a Go

Guppies are peaceful fish, of a comparable size to dwarf gouramis, who have similar water requirements. As such, they make ideal tank mates. Guppies are best kept in pairs, and you should preferably keep several pairs together in the same tank. They have long, flowing tails, so if you plan on keeping any additional fish with your guppies and gouramis, make sure they're not prone to fin-nipping.

Other Potential Tank Mates

Several other kinds of fish can live harmoniously with dwarf gouramis. These include swordtails, mollies, plecos, barbs, scavenger catfish, platies, danios, rasboras and loaches. As long as the other species is peaceful, not too much bigger or smaller, and can live under the same water conditions, it should make a good tank mate for your dwarf gourami. If in doubt, consult your local aquarium supply store for recommendations.