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Can You Keep Dwarf Angelfish Together?

i Tom Brakefield/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Because most angelfish species aren’t just a little ornery but downright mean, it’s only possible to keep multiple dwarf angels together if conditions are favorable. Unless your reef tank is at least 110-gallon capacity, the best you can hope for with dwarf angels in plural is contentious chaos.

Fighting at the Fish House

Some dwarf angelfish species tend to be highly aggressive whiles others aren’t as hateful. Some are belligerent with related species, other species, or both. The most aggressive angels include the lemon peel, Potter’s, flame, multicolor and half black. Keep only one male dwarf angelfish per tank and add all the angels at the same time to minimize hostility.

School Bullies

Nearly all dwarf angelfish species are threats to some invertebrate reef denizens, which they may or may not choose to bedevil. Clams, Christmas tree worms and fan worms (feather dusters) are all tempting morsels. Some species nip at soft and stony coral polyps.

Fake Left, Go Right

The larger your aquarium, the less likely dwarf angelfish are to cause trouble. They’ll play a little more nicely with others if you feed them at least twice daily. Stock the tank with tons of hiding places for less aggressive animals. In addition to their regular diet, give angels something to pick at and occupy their time other than their tankmates. They’ll enjoy algae in freeze-dried sheet form or a few leaves of romaine lettuce, which will keep them entertained.