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Chamomile for Dog Eye Infections

| Updated September 26, 2017

Dogs can be prone to eye infections that can cause adverse affects. A common problem is conjunctivitis which causes a pink coloration in the eyes. Medical attention is necessary because it can become a chronic issue and potentially cause long term damage.


Eye infections have varying underlying causes. These can range from a mild case caused by a possible irritation, foreign matter or more serious causes like the herpes virus or Lyme disease.


Inflammation or a red appearance may be the first signs of an eye infection. More than a normal amount of drainage can also be a warning sign for the need for treatment.

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Dr. Iliya Belosivic, a veterinarian for the Barrhead Vet Clinic, is an advocate of homeopathic remedies for pet ailments. She recommends using chamomile tea as an aid in relieving mild cases of dog eye infections. It is considered to be an all-nature antiseptic.

Treatment Process

After steeping the tea, allow it to cool and put the tea, along with the tea bag, in a squirt bottle. Be certain to wash your hands before squirting it in the dog’s eyes and after, as well. Gently squirt small streams into the dog’s eyes twice per day for a week-long period. Throw away all batches every several days and clean the bottle well.


Chamomile tea is considered to be a safe herb; however, some dogs can be prone to allergies. In addition, it should be limited if the dog is pregnant. Be aware that if your dog seems to be fatigued, feeling pain in the eye area or cannot keep them open, is not eating, is coughing or having difficulty breathing, it is important to see your veterinarian for proper diagnosis and medical treatment.