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Red Eyes in Pregnant Dogs

| Updated September 26, 2017

Bloodshot eyes in dogs can be a symptom of a number of irritants or diseases. In a pregnant dog, eye irritation can mean trouble and is a reason to call the veterinarian.

Red Eyes Have Several Possible Causes

Red eyes in dogs can be caused by a number of problems, some serious and some minor. Birth defects, like badly fitting eyelids, cause some eye problems. Other eye irritants include allergens, viruses and infections. All of these may cause bloodshot eyes, redness in the tear ducts and swelling.

Pregnant Dogs and Eye Health

A pregnant dog with inflammation of the eye that causes redness needs attention even if the problem seems minor. Redness could be a sign of retinal dysplasia, a serious eye disease that is sometimes hereditary in dogs. But a dog not born with retinal dysplasia can acquire it from an infection. In a pregnant dog, such an infection could be a pregnancy- or life-threatening case of uterine trauma.

Long-Term Consequences of Eye Problems in a Pregnant Dog

Retinal dysplasia is a condition that leads to blindness. Besides the danger from the infection that causes it, an affected dog is also at risk for losing its sight. If your dog seems to have eye problems during pregnancy, have it checked by a veterinarian.