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Bumble Bee Toad Care Sheet

Bumble bee toads, also known as Paraguay walking toads or black and yellow toads, have simple needs: fresh food, moderate humidity and clean water. Since a bumble bee toad isn't as affected as other popular pet toads by extreme temperatures or changes in humidity, you can spend less time monitoring his habitat and more time enjoying and observing him.


Bumble bee toads don't require excessive amounts of space, and a 10-gallon tank is sufficient for one to four toads since they don't travel far and are not territorial. Reserve about one-third of the bottom of the tank for water and line the rest with a substrate such as coconut husk, peat moss, bark or gravel. Add leaf litter, branches and rocks for him to hide under and climb. Separate the water and substrate areas by using a shallow pan or dish to hold the water, or by installing a flexible piece of clear plastic between the two surfaces. Cover the tank with wire mesh to allow air circulation and keep your toad from escaping. You can add a water filter to the tank to help keep it clean. Clean the substrate material or replace it about once per week.


Just about any insect small enough to fit into his mouth can be food for a bumble bee toad. Crickets, fruit flies and mealworms are inexpensive and easy to find at pet supply stores, but must be small enough for your toad to eat. Other nutritious insects for your toad include springtails, roach nymphs, waxworms, termites and tiny earthworms. Dust the insects with a vitamin supplement that includes calcium to ensure that your toad gets everything he needs in his diet. Offer him five or six small crickets or about 25 fruit flies each day, and adjust the amount as needed so that you give him as much as he will eat in a single day at each feeding.


Your bumble bee toad should have constant access to water. Create a surface area that is about 1/3 the length of the tank, but don't make it too deep. Your toad should be able to hop in and out of the water easily. Place a shallow pan or bowl at one end of the tank and fill it with about 1/2 inch of water. Change the water and clean the container every two to three days, unless you use a water filter.

Temperature, Humidity and Light

Bumble bee toads can tolerate a wider range of temperatures and humidity levels than other tropical toads. They can survive in temperatures ranging from 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit but do best when the tank stays a steady 70 degrees. Humidity should be below 70 percent, although bumble bee toads can withstand very humid conditions for short periods of time. As much as possible, keep humidity levels between 50 percent and 60 percent. Your bumble bee toad doesn't require any special lighting.