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How to Care for Wood Frogs

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • wood frog

  • peat moss, soil, or bark chips (substrate)

  • insects for feeding wood frog

  • shallow dish for water

  • aquarium tank

  • plants for inside your aquarium tank

Many people keep wood frogs as pets. They are small, cute, and easy to care for if you take the time to research them! So read up, and go out and get yourself a pet wood frog!

Caring for Wood Frogs!

Provide your wood frog water in a shallow dish, because if the dish isn't shallow enough, the wood frog might have problems getting to it. Feed your wood frog about 2 or 3 insects a day (flies, caterpillars, beetles, etc.)

Make sure their your wood frog is surrounded by lots of plants, because that is their natural habitat. This is so that the wood frog can hide amongst the plants when it is frightened.

Provide your wood frog with sufficient UVB light during the day time.

Keep your daytime temperature about 75 degrees F. At night, keep your temperature between 65 ~ 70 degrees F. (Wood frogs come from colder climates).

Provide your wood frog with peat moss, soil, or bark chips as substrate. (In their natural habitat they reside on soil).


  • Be careful if you plan to catch a wood frog out in the wild. They would consider you a predator, and their skin produces toxic secretions! Very dangerous.