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How to Build a Rope Halter

i Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Rope halters are popular among horse owners for their strength and durability. If you can tie your shoe using an overhand knot, you can make your own halter. No intense work like stitching or adding hardware, is required. Therefore, pick out your favorite colored rope at your local hardware store and get started.

Step 1

Cut or buy a piece of rope 23 feet in length. The diameter of the rope is optional, but the thicker your rope is the bulkier your halter will be. The 1/4-inch works best, however, especially for beginners.

Step 2

Measure 4-1/2 feet, or 54 inches, from the end of the rope and tie a knot. This creates the cheek piece. Continue 8 inches from the first knot and tie another knot; this one will be under the jaw.

Step 3

Twist the rope and create a loop 5 inches from the second knot. Fold both strands of the rope over and make a double knot. This is where the lead rope attaches.

Step 4

Measure 9 inches from the lead rope knot and tie a knot in the rope. Measure 10 inches and tie another knot. This forms the nose band.

Step 5

Return to the loop for the lead rope and untie the knot. Retie the knot using all four strands of the rope. This makes the loop about 3 inches long instead of the 5 inches you started with.

Step 6

Pick up the second, under jaw knot, and loosen the original knot. Run the end of the rope that has no knots through the middle of the knot on the same side of the loop. Tie another knot using the two strands. Tighten the double knot formed.

Step 7

Move down 8-1/2 inches from the double, under-jaw knot. Create another loop used to fasten the halter by making an overhand knot. Next, run the end of the rope back through the knot leaving about 3-1/2 inches. Tie another overhand knot and tighten it.

Step 8

Tie a double knot in the other two ropes 8 inches from the first knot ties on the cheek piece. Cut the ends to make them even and melt them with a lighter to prevent unraveling.