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Budwig Diet for Cats

| Updated September 26, 2017

The Budwig diet is an alternative treatment for many illnesses, including cancer. This diet is not only used for humans, but is also used in cats and dogs. Although it is not a cure-all diet, it does have a high success rate with helping cats fight against specific illnesses and diseases. This diet has been used since the 1950s and is still used today.


The Budwig diet was written by a biochemist named Dr. Johanna Budwig. She worked with patients for many years that suffered various types of cancers. During this time, she started these patients on her special diet, and within a few months the majority of patients regained their health.

Ninety percent of Budwig’s cancer patients tested negative for cancer despite being told by a doctor that they needed radiation treatment, or surgery to survive. The Budwig diet was originally intended for human use, however it has since been approved for use in cats and dogs. Many pet owners have claimed that their cat had much success on the Budwig diet.

How It Works

The Budwig diet is based on consuming foods that help the cells in the body absorb oxygen because cancer cells develop when the cells ability to absorb oxygen is hindered. Budwig was the first to develop a diet that could restore cells to normal functioning this way.

Not only can the Budwig diet be used in cats diagnosed with cancer, but it can also be used to treat arthritis, diabetes, lung conditions, ulcers, strokes and many other diseases, according to cancertutor.com.

Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese

The Budwig diet consists of blending liquid flaxseed oil with cottage cheese. When these two ingredients are blended together they are easy to digest and metabolize; it is claimed that electrons from the flaxseed oil heal the cell membranes.

Instead of cottage cheese you can use quark, which is made by draining yogurt. The ratio for blending flaxseed oil with cottage cheese is 1 tbsp. flaxseed to every 2 tbsp. cottage cheese.


The Budwig diet eliminates fats and damaging foods while replacing them with essential fatty acids that can be life saving. Omega-3 fatty acids soften cell membranes to allow oxygen and supplements to penetrate them. These cells then become less susceptible to the development of cancer.

Cat Recommendation

The Budwig diet is recommended for use in cats and dogs, as well as humans. Cats cannot consume the recommended fruits and vegetables; however, they can stick with a carbohydrate- and sugar-free diet. Feed them organic foods as much as possible along with the flaxseed-cottage cheese blend twice daily.

Encouraging Cats to Eat

If your cat is reluctant to eat the flaxseed and cottage cheese blend, add a drop of cod liver oil, according to healingcancernaturally.com.

Feed cats just one or two spoonfuls of the blend to avoid diarrhea, then slowly increase the amount of blend. Cats should be given a very small amount; the basic amount suggested by Barbara Bouyet in her article “The Budwig Diet Plan” is 1 tbsp. for every 100 pounds. Use this ratio to find the required amount needed for your cat's weight and feed it this amount per day.