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What do Black Panther Cats Eat?

i Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Sleek and powerful, the black panther isn't a distinct species, but refers to black colored cats in the big cat family. The leopard or jaguar wearing an all black coat instead of spots is actually a black panther cat. One of the strongest felines in the world, panthers are quite elusive.

What's Cooking

Cats are carnivores and the panther is at the top of the food chain in his natural environment. His dark, shiny coat makes it difficult for prey to spot him as this big cat hunts during the night. He's also a strong climber, so he has an added advantage in that he can climb into trees and ambush his prey from above. The black panther cat's diet depends on where he lives, but medium to large herbivores, such as antelope, deer, warthogs and wild boar, are a mainstay of his diet. He's an opportunistic diner, however, and if his normal prey is scarce, the black panther cat will make do with what he finds, eating rabbits, birds, fish and reptiles -- or even insects.