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What Gets Rid of Tarantulas?

| Updated September 26, 2017

Tarantulas are common in southeastern and southwestern portions of the U.S. They are very big spiders with hairy bodies, and are normally brown in color. They are usually harmless, but a tarantula spider bite can cause a lot of pain. There are different methods that can be used to get rid of tarantulas and to keep them from coming back.


Insecticide powders are often used to get rid of hunting spiders like tarantulas. They can be sprinkled behind furniture, in cracks and crevices and basically anywhere that tarantulas roam. Powders can also prevent new spiders from entering areas where they are placed. These powders can be found online and at many hardware stores. Make sure they are specifically made for spiders, or include spiders as a targeted pest.

Liquid Sprays

Pesticides and spider-removal sprays are available, although they are not always absorbed well by tarantulas. Cypermethrin and Bifenthrin are two chemicals often found in liquid sprays designed to eliminate spiders. Liquid sprays need to be sprayed directly on to the tarantulas and tarantula’s webs. Sprays might not be effective against tarantula egg sacs, meaning egg sacs might require a different method of removal.

Sticky Spider Traps

Sticky spider traps help catch tarantulas without the use of chemicals and sprays. They can be placed at locations where tarantulas have been seen. Sticky spider traps also do not require any bait or setup, making them very simple to place and use. Once a tarantula is caught in the sticky trap, it can be disposed of quickly and effectively.

Professional Exterminators

If all else fails, a professional exterminator can get rid of tarantulas. They can use pesticides that are not available to the public. They have more experience using chemical sprays successfully and safely as well. Professional exterminators also know where to look for tarantulas and tarantula nests that have not been discovered yet.