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Types of Horse Trailer Covers

i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Horse trailers are expensive investments and they can deteriorate when left out in the rain and snow or in the hot sun. Often trailers stand out in the weather because they are too tall for carports or sheds. To keep your trailer in prime condition you can purchase a horse trailer cover to protect the trailer from the elements when it is not in use.


Horse trailer covers are made from heavy-duty materials such as ripstop canvas, UV-rated PVC material and woven coated acrylics such as polypropylene. They are designed to completely enclose an immobile trailer. Suitable covers have breathable fabric to allow moisture to escape, and must be water-resistant and UV-resistant. They have zipper entry doors to allow access to a trailer with the cover on. Choose one with elasticized bottoms for snug fit, reinforced corners to minimize snags and tears, and a warranty of two years or more.

Regular Trailer Covers

The majority of horse trailers are bumper-pull trailers that come in a range of sizes. They can be extra-wide, extra-tall and extra-long, for instance. Covers come in different sizes so you will have to measure the dimensions of your trailer. Do not include the hitch when measuring the length. Covers generally have a passenger-side zipper-entry door to allow access to the trailer while covered.

Gooseneck Trailer Covers

Gooseneck trailers have hitches that mount in the truck bed and not on the bumper. Some have rounded or “V” fronts and tend to be longer than regular trailers, which mean the covers tend to be more expensive. Gooseneck trailer covers generally have zipper entry doors on both sides. Covers have a cinching system to allow for the different-shaped fronts. It is recommended that there is more than one person to put the cover on.

Universal-Fit or Custom-Fit

Universal-fit covers fit most horse trailers in their specified size range and are reasonably priced. They are made large and can be tightened with straps and buckles to fit snugly around the trailer. If you do not secure them properly, the wind can get under them and cause fabric tears. You can also have a custom-fitted trailer cover made if you have a nonstandard-size trailer or feel it is worth the extra expense. These are a much firmer fit.