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The Stages of Pygmy Goat Pregnancy

| Updated August 11, 2017

The typical gestation time for a pygmy goat is 21 weeks. Though kids develop at different rates, there are some basic milestones in pygmy goat fetal development.

30 Days

At four weeks gestation, the fetus is less than 1/2-inch in size. On a sonogram, the kid's facial features and small stumps where the legs will form are visible.

45 Days

Only fifteen short days later, the kid is about 1-inch longer and weighs approximately 1/4-ounce. The goat has eyelids by this point. Its legs and developing neck have grown longer.

75 Days

A great deal of growth occurs during the next stage, and by this point it weighs 4 ounces and is 2 1/2 inches long. The kid's first hairs have sprouted around its eyes and mouth.

105 Days

One month later, the fetus is 18 ounces and over 3 inches long. Formative hairs are now growing all over its body.

120 Days

At four months, the kid weights 2 lbs. and is 6 inches long. Its fur coat has finished growing, and its legs are fully developed.

147 Days

Just before birth, the baby goat weighs up to 4 lbs. Its organ systems are mature and its teeth have erupted from gums.