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How to Spoil Your Ferret

i Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

Ferrets are rambunctious and clumsy creatures that enjoy play, treats and variety just much at least as much as their caretakers do. Keeping a ferret happy is about more than keeping his cage clean and providing the right food; it is about giving him a fun, exciting live full of challenges and interesting games. To spoil your ferret, look beyond food rewards and think along the lines of giving your ferret the active and engaging life he craves. The more you play with your ferret, the happier he will be.

Step 1

Feed your ferret treats to reward good behavior or show affection. Most pet stores have ferret treats, or you can make your own with small bits of cooked beef or hard-boiled eggs.

Step 2

Play chase games with your ferret. Many ferrets will nip at your feet and run away — this is a sign the ferret wants to be chased. Chase games help your ferret expend his natural hunting energy.

Step 3

Handle your ferret often and show him physical affection through belly rubs and scratching his head. The more you handle your ferret, the more he will come to trust you.

Step 4

Offer your ferret a large enclosure with plenty of room for running and exploration. Ferrets are not meant to live in small areas.

Step 5

Give your ferret freedom during his active hours to explore areas outside of his enclosure. Ferrets enjoy wandering around and checking in on the people that share their home.

Step 6

Make your ferret some duck soup. Ferret owners swear by this delicious treat; plenty of homemade and store-bought recipes exist online, in cookbooks and in your friends' kitchens.