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Spirulina for Horses

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Spirulina is a green “superfood” suitable for humans, horses and other species. In existence for billions of years, spirulina t has been consumed by the African population for centuries and is labeled GRAS -- Generally Recognized as Safe -- by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Animal owners worldwide feed spirulina to their animals for general health or specific conditions.


Spirulina is rich in carotenoid antioxidants that remove damaging agents that compromise your horse’s immune system. Spirulina also has phytonutrients, life-sustaining, plant-based chemical compounds that prevent disease. Spirulina can repair existing damage and generate new cells, essentially slowing the aging process in your horse. Results are not guaranteed.

Digestion and Detox

The chlorophyll in spirulina helps to cleanse, or detoxify, you horse’s organs. Your horse is exposed to toxins like fly spray, chemical wormers, pain relievers, antiboitics and others. His kidneys, liver, lungs, digestive system and even skin have detoxifying functions. Spirulina gives these natural processes a boost. It promotes healthy flora in his gut and suppresses bad bacteria, allowing absorption of more of the nutrients in his food.


Treating allergies that can cause hives or respiratory issues in horses is one of the most common uses for spirulina. If your horse is very sensitive to insect bites, or suffers from respiratory allergies, talk to your veterinarian about adding spirulina to his diet; even if it’s not 100 percent effective, it may allow you to reduce other expensive or less-desirable treatments such as steroid shots. Plus, your horse will reap its other health benefits.

Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Amazingly, spirulina can treat cancer in your horse and reduce the prevalence of tumors. It fights cancer cells by stimulating healthy cells, including those that help fight cancerous ones, and also repairs damage caused by radiation and other toxins. Because of its detoxification properties, it removes potential cancer-causing agents from your horse’s system.

Feeding Spirulina

You can find spirulina for horses in wafer form or powder. Talk to your veterinarian and other horse owners about a reliable source for high-quality spirulina; if your vet is not familiar with spirulina, a holistic veterinarian might be your best bet. Introduce it to your horse gradually, working up to a dose of about 2 teaspoons per day; it may take a few weeks before you notice a difference if you are using it to treat a specific condition.