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Reptile Pets That Like to Be Held

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Holding your pet reptile often and consistently will increase its docility and tolerance for being held. With any pet reptile, always remain gentle and alert when handling it, and be sure to hold the animal in an upright, natural position. Some reptiles are ideal pets for new reptile owners or children because they seem to enjoy being held and are easy to handle compared to other reptiles.

Corn Snakes

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Corn snakes are among the most popular pet snakes and one of the easiest to handle. Over time and with regular handling, they become more comfortable with being held and seem to enjoy it. In the wild, they can be found in the southeastern United States, but most pet corn snakes are born and bred in captivity, which contributes further to their docile nature.

King Snakes

King snakes are similar to corn snakes in that they're easy to handle and enjoy being held. However, king snakes are more common in the wild. They can be found all over North and South America. They typically grow a litter bigger than corn snakes, reaching 6 to 7 feet long as adults.

Ball Pythons

Although a python might sound scary, in reality they make great pets. Ball pythons are not typically as long as corn snakes or king snakes, but they are thicker. They are known to be both gentle and curious, a good combination of traits for a reptile to have if you want to be able to handle it frequently. Ball pythons are native to central and western Africa but are bred in captivity as common pets in the U.S.

Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are lizards, so handling one is different from handling a snake. They're still very easy to handle, though, and among the friendliest reptiles to have as pets. They are naturally found in Australia but are popular as pets in the U.S. They are bred in captivity, making them even more docile and easy to handle.

Leopard Geckos

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Leopard geckos are often considered the easiest reptiles to keep as pets. This includes their docility and ease of handling. They seem to enjoy being held and are very curious by nature. They're native to Asian deserts in India and Pakistan, and adults grow to be 8 to 11 inches long.