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What Do Plecostomus Eat?

i Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

Plecos are found in almost every fish tank at the pet store. Known for their penchant for munching on algae, it’s often believed that that little sucker fish will be content eating the green stuff in your tank. Contrary to popular belief, plecos are actually omnivores and need more in their diet than just algae.

Meat and Veggies

Plecos aren’t strict herbivores and need some meaty foods in their diet. If your plecostomus shares the tank with other fish, then munching on the food that sinks to the bottom should be enough meat for him. However, some species of plecos will grow very large -- up to 2 feet -- and should have their diet supplemented with meaty bits like shrimp or worms. It’s unlikely that there will be enough algae in your tank to keep him healthy. To provide him enough vegetation, feed him algae tablets or some veggies like cucumber and squash.