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Do Platy Fish Give Live Birth?

There are three main methods of reproduction in fish. These include dropping unfertilized eggs into the water, which are later fertilized by a male releasing sperm into the water; releasing fertilized eggs either into the water or into a nest; and giving live birth.

The Next Generation

Platy fish are livebearers, which means that they give birth to live young rather than dropping eggs into the water like many other fish. These young are capable of swimming and fending for themselves from the moment they are born. The young usually hide in aquatic plants and rocks after birth to avoid being eaten. A female platy who has just given birth will not eat her own young for at least the first 12 hours thanks to a hormone that suppresses her appetite. In an aquarium, other fish may eat the newborn platy, but they can be protected with a breeding net or by moving the expectant mother to a brood tank just before she gives birth.